Personal References

Who have I worked with?

Great service, with huge potential to level up your business. Within days you are up and running with great support from the team.

Alexander Schultz
Founder, Klaffa

Peter Franklin
Director, Primori Global

Jacob Cockcroft
Founder, The Pigeonhole

Carlos Ramon
Founder & CEO, Uniply

Joel Burke
Partnerships, Gigster

Juan Diego Carluccio
Head of Product, COMPAS

Paul Watts
CEO, Rosslyn Data Technologies

David Littler
CTO, Langdon Systems

Ann Chan
Product, Indemand

Ipalibo Whyte
Software Engineer, August

Colin Tan
Manager, TUSPARK Newcastle

Waleed Lakhani
Operations, GiveMeTap

Alex Woolley
COO, Hashtrack

Alex is one of the hardest working individuals I've had the chance to work with, meeting all deadlines no matter the obstacles faced.

Arman Anaturk
CEO, HackCapital